A young man, Stevie, awakes on a wasteland overlooking Bradford, still bleeding from a brutal attack that has left him with severe memory loss. Recent events are a total blank; his more distant memories are a blur. He slowly begins to piece together his identity: his name, his home, his family. At first it appears he returns to his former self but through a series of painful flashbacks and encounters, he comes to learn of the dark and disturbing events that led to his beating. Ashamed to learn of the person he has become – and the dangerous world he became mixed up in –  Stevie realises he will have to pay. But at what price?  


Laurie Kynaston as Stevie
Laurie Kynaston as Stevie
Esme Creed-Miles as Sister
Esme Creed-Miles as Sister
Mark Addy as Stevie's Dad
Mark Addy as Stevie's Dad
Stephanie Hyam as Jess
Stephanie Hyam as Jess
Akbar Kurtha
Akbar Kurtha
Mariam Haque as Meena
Mariam Haque as Meena


Screenplay by:
Director of Photography:
Production Designer:
Costume Designer:
Make-up & Hair Designer:
Casting by:
Lisa Mulcahy
Bruce Mcleod
Dominic Dromgoole
Alexandra Breede
Emilie Jouffroy
David Liddell
Hannah Purdy - Foggin
Jonathan Lucas
Lance Milligan
Bethany Swan
Matilda James


It must be deeply frightening to wake up knowing nothing about yourself, nor being able to recall anything, not even your name. This is the scenario UNDERCLIFFE presents in its opening frames – as a young man left for dead, wakes up.


I loved this script from the moment I read it and immediately wanted to seize the opportunity to realise the story in a way that allows the audience to ride alongside our young man on his journey of self-discovery whilst never knowing anything more than he does.


One would have so many questions and none of the answers. Am I a bad person? How soon would you ask yourself that?


In making this film, I wanted to allow the audience space to consider his actions, to make up their own minds about who he really is. Is he a good person? 


I hope others too find this a thought provoking and intriguing story, and one which never ceases to surprise.